BCC MS-Contest 2013 – Ergebnisse

As the years before, we could not find a clear peak while this shower. Many OP´s told me, that they are missing the long lasting burst´s of 20 seconds and more, that we had some years ago. You can hear continuous bursts from the stronger contest stations, mostly for 1 to 3 seconds, on the other side many single bursts from several other stations, for 1 or 2 times, but nothing more after.

The activity shifts to the east, less stations are active from the western part of Europe. The number of active Operators depends very much on the weather conditions, after a stormy and snowy fall and winter you find many antennas down or damaged. Nevertheless, more than 430 stations from 40 Countries were active while this shower. We hope, the year 2014 will give many scatter friends the chance to work new countries and squares while the „grey season“.

Ähnlich wie in den letzten Jahren gab es keinen ausgeprägten Peak während des Schauers. Viele Aktive sind der Meinung, dass die besonders langen Bursts von mehr als 20 Sekunden die letzten Jahre weniger geworden sind. Stattdessen hört man die großen Conteststationen permanent mit 1 bis 3 Sekunden langen Signalen, von einigen anderen Stationen leider nur ganz wenige Bursts und danach nichts mehr.
Die Aktivität verlagert sich eindeutig nach Osten, während sie im Westen eher abnimmt. Natürlich hängt sie auch von den Wetterbedingungen des Jahres, bzw der Saison, ab, wenn beispielsweise nach Stürmen manche Antennenanlage beschädigt ist.

Nichtsdestotrotz waren wieder über 430 Stationen aus 40 Ländern aktiv und wir hoffen, dass auch 2014 viele Meteorscatter Freunde neue Länder und Felder während des Schauers in der grauen Jahreszeit erreichen können.

BCC MS-Contest Results 2013



Not a real maximum in reflections for me this year. On the 11th I was not QRV in MS because of tropo conditions. On the 12th good activity and reflections in the morning. In the evening good reflections but not much stations on. On the 13th early morning, not much to do but in the evening sometime’s long and nice reflections. On the 14th the same story: not much activity and sometimes good reflections. I did listen on. 200 for SSB but nothing heard this year.
Is it my ‘feeling’ or is it true: less activity again? ‘Everybody worked everything before’ but MS is fun and why not try to make some QSO’s. Strong and very often 30 seconds long bursts from the ‘well-known’ contest stations like YU7PS and 9A4V. I am very interesting to see the results of this year’s contest, I could have spent more time …….but no new stations heard.


Unfortunately we could not work all the time, since the first day there was no electricity, and then the hurricane came and we could not turn the antennas. Our main antennavertical stack of four antennas got negative elevations and only looked into the woods to the east .. Maximum show apparently was December 13 evening, December 14 came Aurora, which greatly spoiled condition, and finally fell activity. Despite all of our problems we like to contest. Thank you all for QSO and those who could not make the complete QSO.


Our team participated again in BCC-MS contest.
Reflections were very good this time although we couldn’t point out the clear maximum of the Geminides. We made more QSOs than last year. Considering number of participants were less this year the score seems to be very good.
We hope that Alex – DL1MAJ will publish results soon.
We are also looking forward to receive awards for BCC-MS contests 2010, 2011 and 2012. Thank you all for very nice contacts.
Some photos could be found at:
YU7PAA Ilija, YU7ON Zoran, YU7MS Miska, YT7WE Alex, YU7KB Bane, YT5M Vasa, YU7PS Pali,
Looking forward to hear you next year,