BCC Man of the Year 2008: F5MZN

Während des BCC-Buffet am Samstagabend in Oberteuringen wurde auch wieder der „BCC Man of the year“ ausgezeichnet. In diesem Jahr ging die Ehrung an Olivier, F5MZN als der treibende Kopf hinter der neuen Contestsoftware Wintest. Da Olivier selbst nicht anwesend war, nahm ein Mitglied seines Teams die Auszeichnung entgegen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this year I am very proud to honor a member of our club, who has been contributing a lot of his skill and time over the last years – not only to BCC but to Contesting in general.

We are very proud to have him as a member in our club.

This guy is well-known world wide as a proficient operator. He started amateur radio with the age of 16, in 1990. In the beginning he did various things like VHF contesting, EME, Meteor Scatter – later switched to HF contesting from the big Brittany Station TM1C.

When Ken Wolff, K1EA came up with his real-time logging program CT in 1990, it was like a revolution. Paper-based dupe sheets and multiplier lists disappeared from the operating tables. Automated generation of CW and networking Multi OP stations became a reality. For about a decade, CT was the most popular contest logger in our Club.

But as we know, by the year 2000 the world had switched from MS-DOS to Windows and Ken had made a decision not to support the Windows platform. For several years, people continued to preserve MS-DOS in order not to lose their beloved progam and user interface. Yes – there were some alternative programs available at that time, but the look & feel of CT was so much in our minds that we simply would not move away from CT.

Then came along that marvellous concept: Create a piece of Windows Software with the look and feel of CT. This idea was born on a return flight from Kourou, French Guyana, in 2002. A team of four got together and created a piece of software that filled the need for many: Win-Test. This is not a product show, so I am not going into details. But we would like to honor all the efforts and countless hours that have gone into developing a program that today is a de-facto standard in the BCC and is also being used by many competitive stations world-wide: Win-Test.

The BCC Man of the Year 2008 is

Olivier Le Cam, F5MZN
Author of the Win-Test Real Time Logging Software

I have been informed that Olivier could not make it to Friedrichshafen on short notice. So let me present the award to one of the team members, who is here today: Laurent, F6FVY.