BCC Man of the Year 2006: DL6RAI

Im Rahmen des BCC-Buffet am 24.6.2006 wurde in Oberteuringen unser diesjähriger BCC Man of the year ausgezeichnet. Mit Ben, DL6RAI wurde ein Mitglied der ersten Stunde und aktiver und engagierter Contester ausgezeichnet. Die Laudatio kann hier nachgelesen werden:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this year I am very proud to honor a person, who is very well known to the contest community in Germany, in Europe and overseas.
He is not only a keen and experienced Contester, he is one of the load bearing columns, which support our BCC-building.

Of course a man of his kind is active on many fields, and let me point out only a few of them:
He is a very good operator with absolutely excellent skills both in SSB and CW.
As many avid Contesters also are dedicated DXers, he holds all major certificates in DXing.
Of course you could find him on all important BCC-activities like LX7A, LX8A, CN8WW and many others.
He himself did a lot of contest-expeditions as an successful organizer as well as a skilled and experienced operator.
This contester, whom I am talking about, is a very kind person, who is always good for a helpful advice, a man, who easily makes friends and believe me, there are many all over the world, whom he calls friends.
A very determined personality, who does not fiddle around much but tackles a problem and fixes it. There is a short discussion, where he points out his position and he always has a clear and crisp position.
He talks convincingly and makes his point in every dispute and even quarrel.
But he can listen too. He has an ear not only for the big guns but also for the little pistols and consequently and with his analytic brains he detects and traces any trendy development in contesting long before this comes to know to the community.
He is an innovative and creative person, because he does not only generate many new ideas, he also brings them into reality.
He leaves traces in every job in a positive way, because he improves, he makes things better.
He is a true personality of Contesting and I am sure, this will not be the last honor for him, there will be many more in the future.

He is member of the board of directors of the Bavarian Contest Club, he is member of the CQWW-Contest committee, he is active in the DARC in the Department of Amateur Radio Competition and manages the WAE DX-Contest as well as the actual Ham Radio Activity during the Soccer-Worldchampionship.

I want Ben Büttner, DL6RAI to come on this stage!