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results BCC-MS-Contest 2020 (17.11.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) Congrats to the winners 2020! The Team of YU7MS ( OP´s YU7MS & YU7PS) and Juris, YL2AO, achieved a great result followed closely by Ion, SF6F!  ...
results BCC MS Contest 2019 (17.11.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) These are the results of the BCC MS Contest 2019. Unfortunetaly we had not that much log submissions. Congrats YL2AO, who made 158 QSOS and finished with the highest overall of 49.504 ponts. ...
results BCC MS-Contest 2018 (17.11.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) CONGRATS to the winners YU7KB and YL2AO! While 2018 BCC MS Contest we had less activity. Many OP´s told me about a bad QRM situation. At my QTH I had most of the time a QRM level from S5 to S8 and at last I missed more than 75% of the bursts. ...
results MS Contest 2017 (17.11.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) Here are the results from last year BCC MS contest. We hope to see you again on the air this year. ...
results MS-Contest 2016 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) This year we had nearly the same conditions at 12th and 13th of December with a little bit more activity at monday, 12th December. 2 friends told me about a QRM of S3 to S5 around their QTH and it was not possible, to receive short bursts as the years before. We hope, that the QRM situation will not be worse the next years on 2m?  ...
results MS-Contest 2015 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) Dear MS friends, due to heavy health problems after a heart attack I had to save my company and to take care of my family. Finally I had only a few days per year for Amateur Radio. On the other side I consider this competition to be an excellent event for all MS enthusiasts. For this reason I will look for a new team to organize this Contest the next years. I think, we have to modernize our rules and the Log-check system. The last years I had to control hundreds of pages taken from chatrooms to guarantee the random character of the BCC MS Test and this took too much time. If someone from you MS guys is interested to organize the next BCC MS events in this new team, please let me know! ...
results BCC-MS-contest 2014 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) Some OMs told me, that they are still missing the really long bursts and some OPs are stopping their calls too early. THis year the activity was not so high as the last years. We counted 352 different callsings from 37 different countries while the contest. ...
results MS Contest 2013 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) As the years before, we could not find a clear peak while this shower. Many OP´s told me, that they are missing the long lasting burst´s of 20 seconds and more, that we had some years ago. You can hear continuous bursts from the stronger contest stations, mostly for 1 to 3 seconds, on the other side many single bursts from several other stations, for 1 or 2 times, but nothing more after. ...
results MS-Contest 2012 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) In this year many OP´s found out, that the activity was less than the last years because of the contest within the week and worse conditions. We had no clear peak, the number of QSO´s were nearly the same on 12th and 13th of december, the signal strength of the bursts not so strong as usual. Nevertheless over 36 countries were active while the contest. Now we are looking forwards to the Perseids in August, if we will find the same reduction of meteorits activity. ...
results MS-Contest 2011 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) We are very sorry for this big delay in publishing the results 2011. We had some hardware crash and addtionally missed e-mails :-(
This year many OP´s missed the typical peak with very long and loud burst´s. On the other side we have much more activity in the eastern part of Europe, so this shower remains very interesting for MS enthusiasts. Here are the comments and results for the BCC MS 2011, Best 73 and good reflections! Alex, DL1MAJ ...
results/Ergebnisse MS-Contest 2010 (09.01.)
bcc-ms-contest (dl1maj) The BCC MS Contest 2010 had worse ConDX than the last years. We did not find a typical maximum, some OP´s men-tioned, that they had lot of „single bursts“ from many stations , only one or two reflexions and nothing more. This year we counted 453 different callsigns from 38 DXCC countries. (result 2009 540 callsigns from 44 DXCC´s). We hope to get better ConDX this year and a great activity!  ...
results/Ergebnisse MS-Contest 2009 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) Im BCC MS Contest 2009 konnte eine weitere Zunahme der aktiven Stationen, vor allem im Osten Europas, verzeichnet werden. Mit Zunahme der Aktivität verteilten sich die QSOs fast gleichmäßig auf den 11., 12. Und 13. Dezember, die Spitze lag an diesen Tagen stets zwischen 20 und 22 Uhr UTC. Aber auch die frühen Morgenstunden sowie der Vormittag wurde häufig für die Verbindungen genutzt. Hier lag das Maximum am 13. Dezember.  ...
results/Ergebnisse MS-Contest 2008 (09.01.)
Log DL1MAJ (dl1maj) Hier sind die Ergebnisse des MS-Contests 2008. Wir konnten einen neuen Teilnehmerrekord bei den aktiven Stationen bzw. DXCC-Gebieten verzeichnen. Leider spiegelt sich das nicht in den eingereichten Logs wieder.
2008 was another year with great operation and a growing number of Meteor Scatter enthusiasts allover in Europe. We could not find a real maximum in our "TOP 7" statistic, the first night started with a great number of good MS-contacts, nearly the same at the following 2 nights... Now we are anxious to see the 2009 propagations!  ...

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