BCC Buffet QSO Party 2020 – Rules

Meanwhile, everybody should know it: There will be no HAM Radio this year, and therefore also no BCC-Buffet. Nevertheless, we want to meet you – this time, on the air. We invite you to join our BCC-Buffet QSO-Party on Friday, June 26th, so we don’t get in conflict with other contests at this weekend. Please check in advance the year of your first visit of the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen (first event ever was in 1976…) – this will be your exchange in this party. Have fun!

Here are the rules:

Contest name BCC-Buffet QSO Party
Organizer Bavarian Contest Club
Date / Time 26.06.2020
19:30 UTC – 19:59 UTC CW
20:00 UTC – 20:29 UTC SSB
20:30 UTC – 20:59 UTC RTTY
Bands 80m
Preferred frequencies 3510 – 3550 kHz CW
3600 – 3650 kHz SSB
3580 – 3600 kHz RTTY
Objective To contact as many stations as possible. Stations may be contacted once in each mode. After each QSO the CQ calling station has to QSY and leave the QRG to the other station.
Categories Overall standings and separate standings per mode
Power Low Power (max. 100 W)
Calling CQ BCC
Exchange RS(T) + Year (two-digit) of your first HAM RADIO visit
Those, who never attempted, give “20”.
Stations not giving a year may be logged with “00”.
QSO points For each QSO 1 point
For each QSO with DA0BCC 5 points
Multiplier points For each year per mode 1 point
Final score The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of the multiplier points.
Logs Electronic submission in Cabrillo format only to qso-party@bavarian-contest-club.de
Paper logs are accepted as checklogs only
Deadline 3 days after the end of the contest
June 29th, 2020 at 22:00 UTC
Awards  Each winner per mode: Free access to the BCC-Buffet 2021
Overall winner: Free access to the HAM RADIO 2021 (3 day ticket) + free access to the BCC-Buffet 2021
Hint: Only one award per participant; if applicable, the runner-up will be awarded