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Worked All BCC (WABCC) Rules (english) 09.01.2021
Jubilee Award of the Bavarian Contest Club

Worked All BCC (WABCC)

Jubilee Award of the Bavarian Contest Club

  1. To celebrate its 20-year anniversary, the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC), a member of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC), in cooperation with the local Landshut chapter (UØ8) is sponsoring this prestigious award. Amateur radio operators (hams) and shortwave listeners (SWL's) worldwide may apply for this award. To qualify, they must work (or hear/log) the members of the BCC during the time period from October 1st, 2003 to September 30th, 2004.
  2. QSO's with BCC members count one point. Each BCC member may only be worked one time and he must be using his own call sign. The contact with the member is counted, not the call sign. This means, if a member changes call signs during the specified time period, applicants may work him/her only once. The total points is the sum of the QSO's with individual BCC members. A QSO with the special station, "DAØBCC" is a mandatory requirement and also counts one point. Throughout the duration of this time period, DAØBCC will be actively participating in all major contests.
  3. There are no band limitations. All modes of operation are allowed except Packet Radio.
  4. The minimum requirement for achieving a certificate is 20 points (one of which must come from working/hearing/logging DAØBCC). Special "stickers" will also be issued in addition to the certificate for things like "single band" or "single mode". Stickers will also be issued for achieving additional points (e.g., total: 30, 40, 50 etc.).
  5. The certificates are numbered. When applying for additional points stickers, applicants must include the serial number on their certificate and be sure to include enough postage (SASE with IRC).
  6. A copy of the logbook is sufficient proof for contacts. The cost of the certificate is 5 EURO (Europe); 6 US-dollars or 7 IRCs (outside of Europe), and must be submitted with the award application form. These application forms, containing a list of all official BCC members on October 1st, 2003 will be made available.
  7. The award may also be applied for via e-mail. Applicants wishing to apply electronically should complete the Excel file spreadsheet prepared by the award manager. The cost of the award may also be wired to the BCC's bank, or sent via snail mail. For international bank transfers, use the following bank information:
    IBAN: DE88 7932 0075 0007 3669 06
    BIC (SWIFT Code): HYVEDEMM451.
    Be sure to note "WABCC" as well as your own call sign on the transfer.
  8. The award certificate is in the European standard "A4" size (210 x 297mm / 8.27" x 11.69"). It is printed in 4 colours on heavy (240 g/m²) paper. The certificate shows the BCC emblem with a background showing all of the active call signs used under the BCC flag throughout the past years.
  9. This award has been accepted and fully recognized by the DARC in its main meeting in Augsburg in May, 2003.
  10. The deadline for submitting applications is December 31st, 2004. Applications should be sent to:

    Ralf Stieber, DL9DRA
    Privatstrasse 27a
    01108 Dresden
Award applications will not be accepted after the end of 2004 and no award certificate will be issued for applications sent after that date.

Questions and electronic applications may be sent via e-mail to

The applicant who achieves the highest number of points (overall) will receive a special surprise at the 2005 annual BCC meeting.

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