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A little history of the BCC 09.01.2021
Last updated: 24th of April 1997 -- 12:00UTC

In 1983 two DX Clubs, the Bavarian DX Group from the Munich area and the East Bavarian DX Association from Schwandorf founded the Bavarian Contest Club by taking part in the WWDX Club Competition under a common name. Initally, the target was to beat the (then active) South German DX Group. We reached the target one year later, in the 1984 CQWWDX.

The BCC is a loosely formed aggregation of contest-oriented hams living from the activities of its members but without financial background. In the beginning there was a handfull of idealists who got the ball rolling, in the mean time the BCC has more than 100 members.

The BCC's target is the support of contest activities on the HF and VHF bands. The club runs two Packet Cluster nodes, DBØBCC in Landshut and DBØABH-15 in Nürnberg. DJØZY and DL6RAI are working on CLX, a software package running under the Linux operating system, soon to replace the AK1A PacketCluster software at DBØBCC and DBØABH-15. The software is currently being used at DBØCLX in Munich. Under the management of DL5MAE, the BCC arranges the BCC Meteor Scatter Contest once every year. Moreover, the BCC is present at Europe's biggest ham convention, held in June every year at Friedrichshafen. Members of the BCC have developed different software tools. DF3CB wrote BV, a program to help with QSLing chores of contest operations by importing data from K1EA's CT. DL2NBU has written a very popular VHF contest program called UKWTEST which is rather similar to K1EA's CT allowing morse generation, databases, etc. DL6RAI has written PP a program for HF propagation prediction based on the MINIFTZ algorithm of the FTZ Darmstadt. Another program is called BEAM which generates Beam Charts for viewing and printing from any place on the globe. The BCC EU Sprint Team has helped to promote the EU Sprint Contest by making both contest logging and cross-checking software available. DK2OY is publishing quarterly the DL Contest Journal, a magazine containing contest results, reports and stories in German.

Since its foundation, the BCC has always been involved in contest expeditions in the CQWWDX Contests. The biggest and most well-known of these was the LX7A activity from 1989, where we beat OHØW's Multi/Multi record from 1982. The LX7A EU record still stands today.

But LX7A could only win because of our experience from the years before. The logistics behind a 35-head field day style operation and several trucks of equipment is immense and one must be quite a bit crazy to do something like that. But then, who has ever gained something great with rationality? The remembreance of the many months of preparation, the hard work necessary to put up the antennas, the enthusiasm and comraderie, the contest and the victory over OHØW slowly diminishes. But the spirit of LX7A lives on in those who were members of the LX7A team. A relict of these times is the so-called BCC CW channel, 33 kHz from the bottom of the band: 1.833, 3.533, 7.033, 14.033, 21.033 and 28.033. These were the spots where LX7A was heard from Hosingen back then and still today you find BCC members on tour using these frequencies.

New BCC activities are planned for the upcoming years. With low sunspot numbers, there is little hope for new records now. Also it is heard that some people are really fed-up with big-style operations like LX7A - only time can tell.

But then, when October is near and the days become shorter, you get this strange feeling again under your fingers...

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