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Results of the Survey of how the WAE/WAG Results should be published. 09.01.2021
WAE/WAG-Ergebnisheft (dl8dyl) During the Contest Forum at the HAM RADIO 2006 Rallye, Ben, DL6RAI informed the audience that the results of the WAE and WAG contests would no longer be published in printed form. Instead, in the future the results will only be available in electronic (PDF) form, complimenting the data published in CQDL magazine. A hefty discussion followed. We wanted to know if the printed version would really be missed so much as people indicated, so we conducted a survey.

From July 14th through July 31st we ran a survey on the BCC home page. Altogether, 402 OM and YLs participated in the survey. Of the participants, 176 are members of the DARC, and 390 have a ham call sign, or SWL call. We were happy to have 108 European contesters (outside of DL) as well as 119 DX and 168 DL contesters participating in the survey.

We are sure the questions were answered by interested contesters because 97% of the participants have participated in at least one of the contests concerned (WAE CW/SSB/RTTY or WAG), 75% in at least 2 contests and 11% indicated they actively take part on all or most contests.

Now the results of our survey. We wanted to know what the participants thought of the decision to only publish results electronically as PDF and we suggested several possible answers:



I do not need the results book or the PFD file. Publishing the results in CQDL magazine is good enough for me.

3 %

Printed results are no longer state-of-the-art. Publishing this information as a PDF file is the best solution. Besides, the DARC can save money this way.

43 %

Although I prefer a printed book, I can live with just a downloadable PDF file as long as the information shows at least as much as the printed version showed.

38 %

I prefer a printed book and am willing to pay a small amount for it if the DARC is not willing to pay it.

3 %

The results book must be reinstated. It enhances the external image. I understand that if the DARC reinstates this book, other projects must be reduced or eliminated.

11 %

The second and third statements both represent an endorsement for PDF – altogether over 80% of the participants preferred this.

Even when we separate the results for DARC and non-DARC members, the results do not change much. The endorsement for PDF is 85% among non-DARC members and 76% among DARC members. Either way, the results still heavily favor a PDF-only solution.

In addition to answering the questionnaire, the participants also had the chance to comment on the subject and they made readily use of the opportunity. Here is a summary of what they said:

Comment to the statement "The CQDL magazine is good enough for me":

  • Until now I have never had a hard copy of the results.

Comment to the statement "PDF is state-of-the-art and DARC saves money"/"it’s a shame, but PDF with all information is enough":

  • It is good enough as it is
  • More pictures (participants and their equipment)
  • More statistics (Top-Ten-Statistics, activities over the time/countries/bands, number of participants including last years placing, all time high scores, propagation/sunspot activity compared to last year, basically similar to the results published for the Russian DX-Contest)
  • Comments of the participants (splitter) / contest stories
  • An important request: send the awards in printed form (please not as PDF)
  • PDF 2005 was not found - Information about the time and publication of the results is desired (per E-Mail)

Comment to the statement "I want the book, I’ll even pay for it/"I want the book, the DARC should save money elsewhere":

  • There should be a book with all DARC-Contest-Results.
  • The book is good for working with youths and for winning newcomers to our hobby.
  • The book is a good reminder of the date of the contest and sort of an invitation.
  • It must be possible to pay for this book with advertisement.
  • Produce the book in a smaller format on cheaper paper.

A link to all comments of the participants may be found at the end of this article.

In summary, the BCC learned the following:
Contest results lists are an important part of the contest for the participants. They help for comparisons, for motivation for future participation and suggest changes to station equipment.

The participants of the survey have clearly substantiated the decision of the DXHF-Referat. Over 80% deem the publication of the results in PDF form as useful.

Unfortunately this decision was not communicated well to the public. There should have been a discussion with appropriate justification for the decision.

With the PDF results, it is expected that the advantages of this new technology be utilized. This means more and comprehensive information should be published about all aspects of the specific contest. The Russian DX Contest is a good example of how it should be done.

In conclusion, the high quality of the execution and analysis of WAG and WAE shall be upheld in the future with the PDF results lists.

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