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Kommentare/comments 2006 09.01.2021

Even with low power it is possible to make nice MS contacts. I was impressed again from strong back and side scattered reflections, helps me to make many short-distance contacts. Thanks for fun and see you again in 2007 !

It was pleasure to be a part of BCC MS Contest !

George LZ1ZP


1. Very good activity and super reflection in this year.

2. I had big problems during contest from time to time plus too much tecnical problems. I „murdered" in first 10 minutes of start: 1st PA - GU35B, rotary yagi on a 32 meter high tower, GaAs FET PreAmp.

I used single PA and lower fixed antennas from my 2nd QSO. No internet on my station.

3. Too many stations used DXCLUS, ON4KST chat... - OH!



It was my first "full-time" BCC MS contest and it was a nice chance to test my little EME station! PA, sequencer and relays worked really fine all the time! Compared to the last years I found the reflexions very fine with the maximum in the early morning of the 14th Dec.

With kind regards, 73,



Hello, here is my log

Many thanks for this very funny contest!

Please let me know if all is ok,

thank you and happy 2007

73 Marco, IW0FFK


TNX for NICE MS Cont.2006. This is my first participation and I was very happy with the activity. Because I worked from the central part of the town, I had much, much terrible QRM [I also made some for my neighbours HI...]

LZ1OA Atanas


FB contest this year, best portable result that we are ever made! Just nice to make QRM there when know that we made antenna setup 2 hour, most of operators made it maybe 10 years or even more. Hope BCC future have also "portable class" - because during Geminidies shower is great time for camping, never mosquitos problem. Night times burst were great, just nobody QRV 01-04 UTC, so QRL days and need to rest. Just good tips to small guns, be ready night times, then it's easy to work without pile'up. 2007 shower seems also to be without whole weekend...

73 Janne OH5LID


Hello dear friends of BCC,

I had 3 evenigs free and i enjoy very much to partecipate your beautiful MS Contest. I was very happy to work TA in 2 meters (1st time) and a lot of very good stations. Some of you (DL and YU) stations I received via tropo , so I see you next SSB test.
Best 73s and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families .

73 de IV3MPI Edi


What a nice experience! After many years of qrx, again qrv on MS, and of course active on BCC Contest; my goal it was to have more qso
then the 32 i had the past month in 2006 Leonids shower, so I win with myself! Big meteors activity both 13/14, but after 10:00z no more meteors; no peak found at 10:45z as predicted and no more qso, like a wall, probabily because the radiant was setting 09:00z at my home! Thank you all for your patience to copy my signals from 'deep South'.....

Gius, IT9VDQ


Hello MS friends,

This year, our team worked in BCC MS contest under a call sign 4O9T, which was registered to our club for the event. We used the call sign to honour 150th anniversary of birth of great scientist Nikola Tesla.
We were stationed in our usual location KN05FG.
We completed 195 fsk441 QSOs during the contest.
This was our equipment:

700W and 3 x 11el Yagi

Everyone who did QSO with us will get a special QSL card :)
We want to thanks to all of you who called or worked QSO with us.
You can see photos from contest on the website of our club:



I started my activities on 2M only 2 months ago. I have no experience with contesting, but this is a nice opportunity to do a first try.

73 Frank PE1NFE


TNX for NICE MS Contest !!!

It was really lot of fun for me. I worked only 2 days, because I had to go to my QRL. I find that activity was very good. All QSO`s I was made with the BCC procedure.
Many thanks to the BCC team, who organize this nice MS Contest !

Best 73 ! LZ1DP / Hristo


Thank all for the QSOs, I see you next time from new QTH JO47IA!

vy 73 Benny / OZ5AGJ


... NC and hrd, or called me but no QSO because other QSO same time:

I worked in this fb BCC contest after long time. My three first BCC MS contest's in OH2AV Club station began 1990 (?) with tape recorders, timers, up-converters, memory keyers etc etc versus PC system now have same hard job for me because I´m no young man anymore!

Station: Modified TR-751A + modified NAG-144XL + CueDee 144-15
10 deg tilted for MS
Programms: WSJT version 5.9.6 r309 and WinMSDSP 2000 (10.12.2000)

PC: IBM 600E laptop 366MHz 6G HDD 288M RAM.
Isolated home made interface

Longest QSO 1915,9km with F6HVK.

73 and happy 2007 de

Yussi OH7TE (ex OH9TE, OH9NLO)


I have participated for the first time to this contest and I had the impression, that this contest recalls a big number of stations... I worked 5 new in this contest!
There were good reflections this year with the peak at morning of the 14th....

73 Gianni, IW4ARD


... After my preamp died, I had to wait for better reflexions. This time I had no problems with the "QSY" procedure. Please note, my locator is JO43VI since about 5 years..

 Best 73,

Sigfried, DJ3VI


I just moved to my new QTH and there are no antennas installed yet. So I thought give it a try with a small 5 ele Yagi (2m boom) inside the house - next to a first floor window which is facing towards the eastern direction. It proved that Meteorscatter QSOs are possible even with a very simple setup. Operating time was also limited due to work and family commitments - total time spent at the radio was about 10 hours. Thanks to everybody for the QSOs - hope to work you again with a more competitive setup next year.

Maik DJ2QV


QTH from IS0/HB9FAP, Fabio, who won the BCC MS Contest 2006 as single OP!

Artikel mit Diashow!  IS0/HB9FAP 2006

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