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Kommentare/comments 2005 09.01.2021


... It seems, that some OP´s did not understand the QSY procedure to keep the calling QRG free...


It was nice again, but many stations called only on 370. Some OP´s did not answer or call me, because we worked them before. See you all next year!



what a nice contest at the end of the year! I could work 5 new squares. I made all QSO´s with the BCC procedure (CQ xyz..) and had no problems. It would be great, if more OP´s would use this procedure also outside of the contest. Unfortunately I killed a few days before my preamp with too much HF and I hope I was no „crocodile"while the contest with a big signal and small ears hi.

Because of my QRL I missed the maximum, even though I had some nice and fast QSO´s the rest of the time...

Thank you for managing the contest, have a good time...



I never could imagine to work so many stations with low power and a small yagi!


Hallo dear BCC-MS-friends,

these year I will only send a check-log, while I have seen these strange discussions in KST-Chat abt spotting the "made QSOs" on the DXC. I do like to see which QSOs was possible and how the condx was-it has nothing to do for me with confirming if a QSO is C or NC! At all next year I will concentrate more on EME.

Please do welcome the M[ost] W[anted] 50 + 144 MHz S[quares] Europe 2006 which will start from 2005-12-18!

All infos:

73 es gd X-MAS and gd start to 2006 - de Guy DL8EBW


My smal station can not compete with the „big guns"and my antenna was only 2,5m above the ground! However I had a lot of fun and this was my 1st MS contest! Was there any activity in UK and EI? I didn´t receive any pings from there....


It was my first participation at the BCC contest. I used no Chat, no Cluster. All QSO took place in FSK411. I tried some call on 144.100 HSCW but no reply. So I did a good job the 3 first days and the shower activy was going down quickly after the maximum. My traffic was only in afternoon and evening to 00h00z and I had just a few contacts before I had to go to QRL in the early morning.

Tnx to all for calling me, CU on next BCC !


Nice Contest again with big activity with lot of fun. Many thanks to the BCC team who organize and give pleasure to the MS community. Really the most exciting contest in the World!

73, Marius


Conditions very good in early morning of 14th December 02-04z, probably as good as I have heard Geminids in last 25 years however still not spectacular, many regular bursts 1 to 5 seconds at good strength helped things along. I was not able to devote much time due to work commitments, with my main activity thankfully on the 14th morning. I wish I could 'enjoy' using FSK441 for MS but think it can never happen! Using 5 el yagi, 400w 2x3CX400A7 PA but no pre-amp... Thanks to all at BCC for promoting the contest..


HRD a lot of signals. For instance the following stns were listened at my qth and qso attempted but unsuccessfull or not complete: LY2WR/p , SP6HED, DF9YE, 9A7D, YO4FNG, OZ5AGJ, DK3T and more. I think, the interest in BCC contest is a bit less than in the past, expecially from western side of europe. Last years were easily worked some french and british station, and a lot from germany. Condx were good as tested by some sked. Most traffic was toward Russia, Ukraina, East Europe and Scandinavia. They were too distant from here to lsn something. Hope in next yer will activate again JM99 sqr, so hope in better activity toward south italy.

Best 73’s, Carlo


like always a nice contest, but a pitty that many stations doesn't compete, and making 'internet QSO's'…

Best results in the morning hours, not many stations, but all contest-stations…

See you next year !



I returned from EA3 Wednesday afternoon and had to play a volleybal match in the evening, so I had only little time to participate to this great contest. Seems the best propagations were over but I still managed to make 5 QSO with my small station. Thanks for the organisation of this contest and I hope I will have more time next year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2006, Anton


Pity that I did not have more time for playing the contest. Lower overall activity I guess as rules were clearly violated.....


Hello MS friends.

This was a nice MS Contest with lot of participants. New WSJT 5.90 is much more easier to work with then the old version. It is to bad that weekend did not get into the contest since activity would be even greater. Reflections were good as usual. Big thanks to all that called us and did QSO with us although our locator is not so interesting.

Congratulations to the winners and see you in 2006.

73 Zoran



again we made some winter camping . During R1MVW expedition we planned to be few nights in car from KO36, great, that wx was not too cold this time. Just during 1st contest night the PTT diode bridge blow up from GU-34 linear and spare linear with GU-74 gave out only 80w... But in a near farmer house we found some spare diodes from a broken TV and so we got finally again a better output. Really, the farmer ask „what is problem with our TV, yesterday 30sec ok, 30 sec bad....??"We told him something about our hobby and his great answer was: "anyway your hobby is more interesting, so we won´t look tv during next few days"!

It was really interesting that we had totally 27 „NC"qsos. Several stations that we heard fb and answered were maybe so shy, that we had the next 10-15 min an empty band, or the operators were just too quickly with making QSY to some other frequency. Also several times makes me wonder that operators didn't listen what we transmitted, often we heard 10 or even more minutes somebody calling us even when we didn't make qso with him. So we got some BIG extra QRM while "that contest". But I need to say, that it was not our 1st idea to pick up those callsings for next QSO. My first interest today was to drive home and look into the dx cluster tips, how many times during RANDOM contest asked someone "Pse turn ant to xxx" . We really enjoyed to operate without dx cluster in middle of nothing ;) Unfortunately at 15th was a QRL day, so we had set down already 14th Dec afternoon....

73, Janne

LZ9X - LZ9X/p

Hello dear friends !

This year we were qrv from two different qths. first one was KN32AS –1536m a.s.l.What a pitty, the power amplifier went out of use and while we tried to repair it, we lost two days-no repair parts and very bad weather –snow and wind. We would like to congratulate following stations: DJ9YE, DL4EBV, PA0PVW, S51AT –they could copy our qrp power 20watts from FT736R and single DJ9BV antenna. Then we decided to go back to the valey (KN22TK) and used the eme system of LZ1DP – 4 times DJ9BV and 1kw. Now the equipment was ok, but we could receive less reflections because of poor take of for tropo and ms from this qth… ..But the home made wine and grape brandy produced by LZ1DP was fine !!! Nevertheless –again it was a nice pleasure for us to be part of the 16th bcc ms contest. we wish to all of you and your families –a happy and healthy new year 2006… lots of rocks during the showers and many sporadic e oppenings during the summer… hi hi

73 Savi/LZ1UK


This year there were more stations on HSCW than stations heard on HSCW.QSOs were very easy and December. We worked only on HSCW and completed DL8YE, DK4U, also hrd DK5DQ but no answer.

CU MS BCC 2006 on HSCW!

88 Tanja

73 Markku

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