DL6FBL's Station Setup

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DL6FBL's Station Setup
This is the operating setup. In the center is the Ameritron amp. Left hand you see two monitors for K1EA's CT. The PC's are under the table, connected over COM-ports. Right hand from the amp you can see the manual antenna switchboard for the multiplier station [to be replaced by a combination of homebrew HF relay box and TopTen band decoders soon]. More to the right is the packet PC. Cluster support comes from DB0BCC, DB0SDX or DB0AMU-9 using the local digipeater DB0FUL on 438.175 MHz. Directly under the Ameritron is the multiplier station (Kenwood TS-850S with BCC preselector [to be replaced by a Dunestar filter soon]). Left hand are the control units for the two rotators.. More to the left is the running station (also Kenwood TS-850S with BCC preselector). Left hand from the transceiver are the control units for the coax power splitters (10/15/20m, modified Ameritron RCS-8Vs). I can select: only Quad 1, only Quad 2 or both Quads simultanously. CW comes out of the PC or an ETM-8c or my old ETM-4c. Using that equipment I operated CQ WW DX SSB (unassisted - no cluster support).